About Us

A neutral, child-friendly, homelike setting for children and families to come for help. Look for a little yellow house with a bright blue door!
Look for a little yellow house with a bright blue door!
A medical examination room staffed by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner to gather forensic evidence as well as assess overall wellness of child and adult victims of sexual assault   You'll find an assortment of "quiet" toys like legos and coloring books.  Our Advocate will also provide yummy snacks and juice...pop if its okay with the grownups!
A specially-equipped interview room that allows one trained interviewer to question the child while other Multidisciplinary Team members observe from an adjacent room.   We call this the "adult boring meeting room" because its mostly adults who use this room to work together to keep kids safe.

Accreditation of child advocacy centers through the NATIONAL CHILDREN'S ALLIANCE  assure the highest standard of care is provided to victims.

There are 10 standards which must be met to maintain national and state accreditation.  They ensure effective, efficient and consistent delivery of services to child abuse victims throughout the county.  The standards are listed here.  For every standard a CAC is required to meet, there is a tangible, measurable benefit to the investigation, prosecution and long-term management of child abuse cases.  Dearing House has been an accredited member of NCA since 2003.