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One mom's impression of a child advocacy center:

You may have lots of questions...and get lots of advice...about parenting and helping kids, so here's a collection of some of our favorite videos and information you can use.  Check back often as we add to the collection! 

Reasons Why Children Don't Disclosure Abuse

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FBI Publications banner with seal Parent Guide to Internet Safety

Warning Signs for Parents

Warning Signs of Predators for Parents!

How good parents miss child abuse (excellent article and don't miss the comments section  too)  

 (a radio discussion on the Duggar story in the news 6/3/15)

Why Moms Get Nothing DoneWhy Moms Get Nothing Done

watch the video:  6 words, 1 photo!


child abuse prevention education

Why Tell Anyone if You Were Abused as a Child?  Why Tell Anyone if You were Abused as a Child?