Multidisciplinary Team

The Multidisciplinary Team at Dearing House has been recognized as a Functioning Team by the State of Oklahoma for over ten years.  They meet weekly  to review cases and share information.  A confidentiality statement is signed at each meeting by each participant to respect the confidential nature of the cases presented. The Team has developed a Method of Operations for joint Investigations that reduces duplicative efforts by Child Protective Services and Law Enforcement.  Members of the multidisciplinary team are representatives from:

                                              Local Police Departments

                                                      County Sheriff

                                          Department of Human Services

                                            Mental Health Professionals

                                                 Medical Professionals
                                                   Prosecutors' Office

                                        Victim Advocates/Case Managers
                                             Child Advocacy Center Staff

The agencies, individuals, and organizations involved in this team are committed to a coordinated, collaborative and culturally competent process for the successful investigation and assessment of child abuse, and to provide appropriate services to victims and their families. The team aims to increase safety for children through improved information sharing, safety assessment, and decision-making, and to provide resources and initiatives to reduce further trauma to child abuse victims in our communities, through the cooperative efforts of all the agencies and individuals involved.