Ways to help

hearing, helping, healing victims of child abuse

Our comforting, homelike setting enables a team of committed agencies to put the needs of children first.

One time donation? Recurring?
Either way - use one of the quick forms on the right to donate.

Dearing House is an accredited member of the National Children's Alliance, and operates under the umbrella of the  Survivor Resource Network, a private non-profit #73-1223880. Your receipts will show say that funds have been donated to SRN; all donations on this site are used solely by Dearing House Child Advocacy Center.

Where does my money go?
How does it make a difference to kids?

 $90 provides specialized trauma-focused counseling for a child abuse victims
$48 offers training on child abuse for investigators who respond to children in need
$19 pays a day of utilities for our child-friendly facility so we're always ready

Its your choice..give once in a while, or every month!  Every gift...yes EVERY PENNY...means the world to us!  Thanks!


When the community provides paper goods and office supplies, more funding can go directly to helping children with counseling. Dearing House wants children to feel welcomed and comforted so we offer everyone drinks and snacks. We also find that chocolate is helpful when staff and police and social workers are stressed! All year long we appreciate donations of:
• Reams of copy paper
• Postage stamps (regular or postcard)
• Toilet paper
• Paper towels
• Paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils
• Styrofoam coffee cups
• Sweetners, creamers
• Keurig cups
• Individually wrapped snacks (fruit roll-ups, crackers, etc)
• Small juice boxes and water bottles
• Chocolate candy (for adult consumption only)

• Because the work of our partner agencies...law enforcement, DHS, nurses and victim advocates, is particularly stressful and challenging, Dearing House likes to provides meal or other treats in appreciation for their dedication to children. We'd love a donation that would cover pizza for the team!
(updated 12/4/14)

Families are never charged for any of our services and we do not bill insurance.  We have a contract with the State of Oklahoma, and receive other grants to cover the cost of providing services to families as well as the extensive professional development provided to law enforcement, prosecutors, and social workers.  Your donations fill the gaps and keep the lights on! Thank you for helping us help kids by using the donation button below or dropping by supplies!