Testimonials About Dearing House

Parents are sent a survey after their visit to us and asked to answer "The one thing I remember from my contact with Dearing House is:

  • "My child acted as if a tremendous weight was lifted off his shoulders when we left.  It helped him alot."
  • "they made my children feel important and respected."
  • "child friendly...Mine were content being there regardless of the circumstances."
  • "they made me feel very comfortable and they were very understanding and easy to talk to."
  • "the friendly service and a warm, welcoming enviroment."
  • "I didn't even know there was a place in Ponca like this!  Thanks for all you did for us!"
  • "If I need anything me and my daughter could always call and get help from them."
  • "They took the helpless feeling away."
  • "I did not feel stressed out and was treated very well."

What is a Child Advocacy Center?