What Are Forensic Interviews And Why Do They Work?

A Forensic Interview is a child friendly and neutral discussion about an event that is in question. The child sits down with a forensic interviewer in a one-on-one setting that provides the child a reasonable, non-leading opportunity to present his or her information. The recorded interview can be used in court as evidence. Conducting the interviews in this format reduces the likelihood of the child being interviewed multiple times by many different professionals in a variety of locations. Multiple interviews re-traumatize the child by causing them to revisit the abuse. Reducing the number of interviews while being consistent with the interviewer and the interview environment means less trauma to the abused child. It is the goal of Dearing House to minimize the number of interviews to insulate the children.


Open minded and objective
Fact finding and detail gathering
Maximize the information from the child
Minimize the impact on the child
Maintain integrity of interview process