When it rains, it pours!

When was the last time you heard (or said)  "when it rains, it pours?"  Although we're having an abundance of rainfall now, I must acknowledge the reference is not about the weather.  When anything bad, or good, happens in our lives often and in a short period of time, it can be as overwhelming as the incessant rain.  Whatever it is that's pouring,  planning and preparing become almost impossible.  
At Dearing House every day we experience "when it rains it pours".   Our schedule operates under the premise that things will happen often and on a short, unpredictable schedule.  We rarely know what each day will bring, which requires us to expect (and adapt to) the unexpected.  For instance, last month we had a rare event of 21 straight days without a child coming through our doors.  (I could make an point out that April Showers does not compute in this scenario).  Could be any number of circumstances, all beyond our control. And we make good use of that time preparing for what might happen next.  Then....just as parts of Oklahoma have not gone a day in May without rain, Dearing House has not had a weekday this month without the opportunity to help kids.  (Oh but wait....before I could get this posted, we had a last minute change and an interview postponed  but it speaks to our unpredictable calendar!)
So is the need and demand for Dearing House services good news or bad news?  Would you be surprised to learn we consider it great news?  We stand ready every minute of every day, always  prepared for the call from law enforcement or DHS that says "we need your help with a family."  Our whole existence is based on being here when needed, so we're glad to get the call.  The bad news is that in order for us to  get a call, a child has been involved in a reported abuse incident, but the good news is that specially trained professionals are on their way to us with the child and family to make use of our facility and services. 
The schedule at Dearing House changes as quickly as Oklahoma weather and is just as difficult to accurately predict!  When it rains, it pours means we use more fruit snacks and juice, drink more coffee, and eat more chocolate.  If you're looking for ways to help, don't worry about umbrellas, but we can never have too many Hershey miniatures!  Call us anytime we can help answer your questions or help in anyway.  We're here and ready!